*PICK UP ONLY* 365 A Year in the Life of Melbourne by Chris Cincotta

*PICK UP ONLY* 365 A Year in the Life of Melbourne by Chris Cincotta

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My biggest project yet!

On January 1st 2022, I decided that I would embark on my biggest project ever. 
I would take a photo each day of 2022 in Melbourne/Victoria.
I only knew one thing, it had to begin at Flinders Street Station, the rest was pretty much up to fate.
And so it begun!
I am very proud of the book so far, it has been such an adventure creating it and I feel like I am taking you all along for the ride with me on my social media pages.
Thanks so much for roaming this city and state with me!


This will obviously be a very big book!
Every day gets its own page as I want to give each photo a chance to shine.
Included in the book will be a QR code for the days when I have created a live video while shooting. I think this will add an incredible element as you will be able to relive what it was like when the photo was taken and see some of my process as well. The live videos will act as a time capsule. Imagine someone being at your house looking through the book and they say "oh wow, what a lovely photo!"  and you see the QR code next to the image and pull up the live video that shows how and when it was taken... pretty cool!
The colourful part on the cover is holographic and will reflect the light to show brilliant colours!