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The Book of Spells and Secrets: Tashi Collection 4

The Book of Spells and Secrets: Tashi Collection 4

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Where there's mystery and action, there's Tashi. He's brave enough to explore the ancient burial site discovered in the village and he's clever enough to complete three impossible tasks. But is he fast enough to beat two mysterious strangers in a race around the village? And what will happen if he loses? When the going gets tough, it's all up to Tashi!

Explore the wonderful world of Tashi in these eight magical adventures in one volume!


1. Tashi Lost in the City

2. On the Way Home

3. Tashi and the Haunted House

4. The Big Race

5. Tashi and the Forbidden Room

6. The Three Tasks

7. Tashi and the Royal Tomb

8. The Book of Spells