Sister Secrets by Cate Campbell and Bronte Campbell

Sister Secrets by Cate Campbell and Bronte Campbell

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Cate and Bronte Campbell are Australian sisters and international swimming superstars who have experienced triumph and defeat on the global sporting stage. Sister Secrets features personal stories of their journey to greatness, their coping strategies at times of extreme disappointment and the highs and lows that have shaped their relationship with each other and with swimming.

The lane is your own private arena.
Like a pane of aqua glass spread before you.

One big breath in.
'Take your marks.'
My front leg is shaking.
And then it begins.
Nothing left to do but fight.

Cate and Bronte Campbell stand among the true greats of Australian swimming. In their own words, Sister Secrets follows all the highs and lows of their journey - their ambitions, successes, disappointments and losses, their long road to Tokyo and the triumph they found there. And along the way, they reveal their secrets to motivation, mental toughness and finding balance in and beyond the world of elite-level swimming.

An amazing account of how two sisters gained the courage to take on the world - and each other.